Friday, July 23, 2010

Blogging Through the Bible and Coupon Class!!

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I have finally made my way out of Psalms.  I must admit, I was drawn in here for a while.  It has a lot to do with a study I am doing with my small group called Celebration of Discipline.  Parts of this book include meditation, study and prayer and where better for me to practice those than Psalms.  Though now I am seeing the same trend in Proverbs.  So, needless to say, in the beginning of the year, I followed this schedule to read the bible in 90 days but if I really wanted to absorb it, it will have to take longer...onward!!!

I am writing the inserts in Destiny Walkers, (my novel for anyone who doesn't know).  One of the male characters needed some elaboration, so he is becoming a little more detailed.  I decided to do most of this the old fashioned way...writing on the paper!  It is so much more gratifying this way!  Kids books have been submitted in multiple formats and to multiple agencies.  They are Christmas books and no one seems to be looking for that.  I will keep working on it.  The rest of my writing is the usual stuff.  I always love when I get to write!

I went to a coupon class this week and discovered I am doing a pretty good job at this.  I knew almost everything I heard.  I USE about 90% of it.  So, that being said, I learned this:
-I need to better organize my searches.  
-Plan ahead further.
-Take advantage of overages.  (This is when you have stacked coupons from store, manufacturer, competitors and came out over the actual price.  It can be applied to your other groceries as long as you do not go below zero.  You cannot do this with just a manufacturer's coupon.)The reason for this is for times I do not have coupons for produce or meat, which seems to be a bit difficult though in the class, she said I just need to look harder!  Hmmmm....might be debatable in my opinion!  Anyone found good produce/meat coupons?  I have found a few but not stellar in any way.

What does that look like?  It means on Mondays, I will go to to find out what the deals are at Publix starting the following week, which begins on Thursday.  If there are items I can stock up on at a superb price or even an overage, I am going to get multiple coupons for that item.  How will I get multiple coupons since I only get one paper???  An amazing site called Whole Coupon Inserts.  Here, you can order in bulk an insert that you may want, like Red Plum, Smart Source, P&G and you pay about .50 which is half as much as the paper and 1/10 the mess of paper!  I am trying to make couponing as simple as possible yet save as much as possible.  This is a process and I am still learning for sure!

One last bit of input on some things I learned and have read recently.  People have mentioned getting coupons for free.  I do not plan to follow these ideas but here they are.  You can search libraries for left over papers and ask if you can take the inserts.  Also, coffee places or restaurants where people bring in papers and leave them (like Panera, Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts), also recycle bins where people will throw out the inserts!  My theory is this is a lot of work to save .50.  I will be more than happy to pay .50 for an extra insert sent right to my house!

My summer with my girls has been beyond awesome.  We have had some serious fun bonding time together.  We are doing some school here and there but with very little structure!  We have been in the pool or water most of the time.  We have also hung out with our friends and made some day trips like dollar movies, springs, science center, library, pools at home and at Disney!  We have also done fountain/splash pads.  My girls have been so good and really grown a lot together and with me.  The only thing that would make it more perfect is if Mike was with us more often!  He has found some time to do fun things this summer though and that has been awesome.  I love being with my girls and although it gets hard sometimes to have very little big girl time, it doesn't take much to remind me that I would not trade it for the world.

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