Sunday, August 1, 2010

Shopping Frugally and Summertime Happenings

After my couponing class, I made some minor changes.  For one thing, I paid much closer attention to how my coupons were organized.  A while back, I stopped clipping and began just dating the insert and putting it in folders by month.  This has worked out SPECTACULARLY!!!!  I love this method.  I have always have the problem of not having enough coupons.  Then I found the Whole Coupon Inserts.  So that solves one problem, but this causes a NEED to be an even better planner.  I need to plan by Monday, which is the earliest I have discovered, to get the match-ups for the next week.  I Heart Publix  does this.  I am still learning that site because I was using Southern Savers.  Once I discover what I want to get, if I need multiple coupons, I can go the Whole Coupon Inserts and get the ones I need.  So what is the result of all of this???   I had always aimed to save as much as I spent.  But this week, I spent $61 and saved $93, which I incorrectly listed on my facebook.  This included the large box of diapers, product, a ton of grocery items,  and several soy milks!! 

I also have a piece of advice.  I use printed coupons.  I used to have a terrible problem because I could not print from my computer.  I watched deals slip through my fingers.  I know you cans till save a ton without printing, but we invested $200 in a laptop.  It took 6 weeks of printing to save that much and I had paid for our computer.  Now the investment has returned 10 fold!!!  I know a lot of people will say they cannot afford it.  I don't think we could either, but we REALLY sacrificed during the six weeks and now to see as much savings from those printables as we have, it is sooooo worth it!  You can get used ones for even cheaper!  I have spoken to a few friends about this and I must admit, I didn't want to buy a new computer, but honestly it became a money maker!

Even better??  Yes, Mike found a used desktop for Madison's schooling for $150...NOW I can print 4 times!!!!!!!  This is how I did my last trip!  I had soooooo many coupons.  I could save that pretty quick now.  In that shopping trip alone, there were $10 printed in coupons just from THAT new computer! 

Just think about it.  Sacrifice a few things.  I bet you could come up with one or two things!! 

Now summer time has been the most amazing time.  We have spent so much time in the water, at dollar movies and splash pads!  Now we are studying up on Washington, D.C. for our upcoming trip!  We are so excited.  Madison cannot wait to visit the Smithsonian!  My girls are bonding so well as sisters and what an amazing adventure it has been.  I have loved watching them!  It has been a constant reminder of how thankful I need to be that I CAN be with them everyday to watch.  Blessed!!!

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