Friday, May 20, 2011

Blogging Through the Bible and Life

I fell off the wagon again!  This just goes to show you how human and fallible I can be.  Things can be busy as a homeschooling mother of 2 but I know there is always someone who has it much harder, as I am frequently told.  In fact, I have 2 amazing kids who inspire me daily.  That said, I will follow their example and get back to blogging!

I cannot begin to tell you how insignificant I feel when I read Daniel.  We do not see examples like this, especially here in our country.  It is a book like this the brings the realization that we take our freedom to express our beliefs and religions for granted in a massive way.  Though Daniel lived in the Old Testament, he did still live.  It was a time of frequent religious persecution and oppression.  (And some people who live in our free society say they are being oppressed??)  The truth of the matter is that oppression is still alive today.  Its just not here.  I don't suppose there are many lions' dens around, but possibly an equivalent. 

Daniel 5 Daniel is worshiping the gods of gold, silver, bronze, iron wood, and stone when, in all his drunkenness with his concubines and guests, a hand appears writing on the wall.  Of the magician's, soothsayers, wise men, and astrologers that attempted to interpret, it was Daniel, who was not compromised because he was daily with God, who understood it.  Belshazzar, with his jolliness, was 5:27 weighed and found wanting!  WANTING!  All this man possessed and he was found wanting.  I would like to call this lacking.  He was lacking the peace that came from a working relationship with God.  Void.  Empty.  The King was found wanting! 

My lesson that I can take away from this, is when I am found wanting, I know where to turn.  My face does not have to lose its color and and I do not have to cry aloud for someone else to tell me what to do or where to turn. 


Life is happening at a break neck pace right now.  School is winding down but we are still on full tilt.  We go part time in the summer to cover any extra days off we may take during the year.  Our summer is packing itself tightly in.  Mike is still working 7 days a week and sometimes they are long and we miss him.  We are so thankful Mike has this work, but that doesn't mean we don't miss him and get a little lonely. 

Lots of things coming up including some changes in plans, but all is very, very good and we are blessed and happy.  We are willing and ready to step out of our box, so look out world, here we come!  We have an amazing family and a fortress of friends who stand by us and love us.  I feel like I could be royalty sometimes, but thankfully, I have a place to turn!

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