Monday, July 6, 2009


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4th of July weekend was a fantastic family time. Mike had his last 3 days off before going back to his 7 day a week schedule. So we made the most of it. We spent a lot of time in the pool. He got some gardening done and we went to see Ice age Dawn of the Dinosaurs. A holiday always presents its own issues. Who to spend it with, where to know? Instead of doing all of that, we made other plans. We are in the process of rearranging the garage to get all of the baby stuff into Mackenzie's room. Walking toys, blocks. scooters and such. We had the intention of getting all of that accomplished on the 4th, but ran into a small detour and didn't get as much done as we had hoped...BUT our 4th turned out fantastic anyway. Early in the morning we went to some estate/garage sales and purchased to desk organizational stuff for Madi's new desk. Later in the day, we went to a festival in Winter Park and ate hot dogs, drank lemonade, and spit watermelon seeds and listened to patriotic music! It was perfect! Madi got to go on a bouncy obstacle course from which she now believes she can compete on the show Wipeout. Then, after melting our behinds off, we went swimming and had a bbq. The only thing I really wanted to do was watch big fireworks!! So we headed off to the Boardwalk at Disny and watched the fireworks with ice cream. There was a cute little magic man, as Madi called him, that was hilarious! Captivated Madison and Mackenzie. Afterward, we got to have a dance party with a DJ and all! Madison and I danced our booties off! So much fun and a perfect 4th of July memory. It was her favorite part of the day...secretly mine too!

Our garage....not so organized yet. Better not yet.

No great shopping deal this week. We were able to skip a whole week of shopping! I will report back next week on any new deals...but I can report that this week, K Mart is doing double coupons which is unheard of here in our town. Betcha I will have something great to report!!

Madi has begun our lapbook on Caterpillars this week. I am so excited and she loves doing it. Such a fun thing. We are also learning about the difference in time periods. For instance, we are reading about farms of the past verses farms of the present. Hard for children to fully grasp that people used to live off of their land out of necessity and that they had to plow by hand! OH NO!! But it is a great lesson! We will continue on that same idea with things like electricity and building and other such comparisons of time.

Here are my small moments:

Madi dancing to the music
Mackenzie touching my face after I fed her
Mike and Madison playing obstacle course in the pool
Madison flying through the air as he threew her
A song in church on Sunday that showed me how far I have come, and how far is still to go
Mackenzie sleeping 7 and a half hours
The breeze this morning while out at the garden with Mike and Mackenzie
An absolutely breathtaking sunset in our need to travel anywhere

And last but not least and perhaps the most important moment of our week...our faith that paid off!

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  1. Such a wonderful blog Christina! You guys are a blessed and beautiful family that I am so proud to know. SO glad your holiday was one YOU wanted.

  2. Awww thanks Summer! You guys are part of who we are!!!