Wednesday, July 1, 2009


This will be quick! I promise! I just have to blog about last night. You see, I was getting ready ti make dinner and was on the scour, when my stock pile came into play. YEAH! I made whole wheat angel hair pasta with homemade pesto sauce from the garden and tilapia and shrimp with a lemon, white wine, butter sauce. I had every single ingredient on hand and used herbs from the garden. The dinner was great, but the amazing part was how well prepared I was without even having to go to the store!!!

SUCCESS is in all the little things! I was so excited that I failed to take a picture. But I can tell you, I felt so accomplished with making a dinner that good on a whim with on hand items!!

Madi, Mackenzie and I ran some errands yesterday. It was pouring. We got sopping wet. But it was fun and the girls handled it so well. One of our trips was to Blockbuster. We got the movie Inkheart. Now, if you have been reading my blog, you know I love to write and read. Inkheart encompassed everything I love about reading and the style I love to write. I felt insignificant since I could have written something that well! I could have done that. Could have. But haven't done it yet. It was pure and challenging to my mind and inspirational to my fingers. I did not know much about the movie when I got it other than it looked good. I now learned there is a series of books in relation to that movie. So you can be sure I will be reading those.

I return to the small details. Life is made up of a series of moments and small details. Those small details need to be remembered. I will also remember this one...

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