Monday, June 29, 2009


Children change your life. There is no way around it. That being said, my life has been changed for over 5 years. So changed, in fact, that I can barely remember what I was like before children. The days of spontaneity are long, long, very long gone. I actually like what my life has turned into. I love being home. I love hanging out with my husband and kids. It is all okay with me. BUT. BUT!!! That does not mean I do not miss some of the things that I used to be. I miss being able to leave the room when I wanted or needed without the pitter patter of little feet yelling, "Mommy! Mommy! Where are you going? Can I come?" I love being able to read a whole book in a day. I also miss WANTING to stay out late. I miss the chemistry that happens with Mike and I when we are alone. We are very different people alone. We try very hard to find that time, but most of the time, we are Mom and Dad! I suppose the thing I miss the most is a quick weekend trip. Not that we can't do that now, but being responsible with money and saving and other such family type actions makes that not a possibility. Weekends in are a lot more creative these days!

Now. Let me say, it has stretched my imagination to come up with things that we can do that do not feel so monotonous. Movie and popcorn night can only take us so far. We have to camp in the living room and backyard, we do hot tub and ooey gooey marshy-mallow in the fire pit on the back porch, free Disney days with a packed cooler and lots of see my point. Our fun has changed. No laying out by the pool. It is playing out by the pool! Our lives have changed. I stand firm. I love my life. Life needs a balance. We are learning. Learning to balance with the resources we have.

Last night we went to see Transformers. Due to lack of babysitter, which is a situation we often find ourselves in, we took Mackenzie with mere hope she would sleep her way through! We basically got our wish, but it took a little work to get her to sleep. THIS. Not an example of balance.

Balance for us has proved to be after 9 PM. We become Mike and Christina after 9 PM. Babysitters are too expensive these days, so we play games and watch movies at home. I didn't say the balance was perfect. An evening out, all dressed up to a nice restaurant would be more than fantastic, but we take what we can get!! Again, I say, good thing we love each other. And good thing we love being home.

So, to conclude, balance can be made with the resources on hand. It is our perfect balance. Everyone needs balance. Their own balance. You balance with your own weight, right?? Balance with your own life then! Just don't forget to do it or you might fall down.

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