Thursday, June 18, 2009

A series of moments...

The last 2 days have been a tad crazy! I suppose that's what being flexible is all about. I watch a baby 2 days a week. I love baby Paige like she is my own! She is such a sweet baby. At first I did not venture out, but now I am getting more accustomed to having her and her schedule is more familiar, so I have been venturing out...

Yesterday we went to Walmart to get a birthday present for our niece. We had Mike, Madison, Mackenzie, Paige, and me. Too many to fit in my car, so our older niece drove. It took us 2 cars!! We looked like a daycare. We had a stroller and a cart to hold both babies. Quite a picture.
As for our home school projects, I have gotten together all of the info to do a lap book on Monarch butterflies. We went to the library this week and got a book on butterflies. All because I was weeding and found caterpillars. Amazing where lessons can come from. We are also studying how people lived in the past compared to current times. So we have a book on farms of the past. Not to mention, Madison has a new love for the Junie B. Jones books.

Last night was our niece's birthday so we went to play laser tag. It was a riot! We had so much fun. Madi played with me and we got the second highest score out of everyone and were only 1 point behind. We got first on our team! Poor Mike's mom, however. She was the casualty who ended up with a black eye thanks to Mike's sister, Lisa's head! Its just a game Lisa..Wheee! Other than that, so fun!! We have also been playing in the pool a lot! Pool days are a necessity with the recent extreme temperatures here. Madi played so hard, she passed out today and took a very unexpected and very unusual nap...

On a more contemplative note, I had a beautiful moment today. It was sensational. Living in Florida, we hear the sounds of crickets and such, like a chorus everyday. My favorite sound is the evening symphony of crickets. Today, in a rare moment of quiet, I took a walk to the mailbox and got a sweet surprise. The storm had passed

Everyday Florida Storm.....Image by Crenshaw1979 via Flickr

and the temperature was perfect, as was the smell of after-rain, and there was a calming, cricket conversation that that caused me to stop in my tracks, close my eyes, and take a deep, cleansing breath. It was a natural detox. What a moment. Life is made perfect with a series of perfect moments. It is important to remember them and savor them. I cataloged that moment in my mind for future recall.
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  1. I think you selling yourself short with the work you did around the house today not to mention adding another child without notice. Thanks for keeping it going while taking care of me as well. I Love You!

  2. I agree- you are SUPER mom and Super wife!!! Thank you so much for being such a wonderful care-giver to Paige. I couldn't ask for anyone better.

  3. Thanks!! I think Paige is pretty awesome and I love having her here!! And Mike, I will take care of you til the day I die!! I love you too!