Saturday, June 27, 2009

Things to say

Madi went on a sleep over this week. She slept over at my friend from childhood's home with her daughter. We were both shocked at how well she did. She was an hour away from home and just made herself right at home. She had pancakes and proceeded to tell Diana that after her pancakes she needed something healthy because she had syrup with her pancakes! ??? Hmmm. Maybe I talk about healthy eating a little?

My printer has no ink. This is a terrible thing in the world of coupons!!!! I get so many printable coupons that give me unreal deals and I can't print them!! Printer ink is almost a week's worth of our grocery budget. I am sure you see my dilemma. The good side to this, is I am refusing to buy anything that isn't on sale. This means my cabinets and fridge are a bit bare, but I am cleaning out things! Good thing I have stocked up massively on meat. I am definitely to the stock up point. I would say I rarely have to go to the store because I need something other than basics. YEAH!

Michael Jackson. I am 32 years old and certainly not the oldest of the Michael Jackson generation. But I have to tell you, he is the firsts true legend of my time that has come and gone. Despite the tabloids on him, it is a sad time. It brings to light just how mortal we are. Certain people die that cause me to flinch, thinking, we all can go, quickly, and at any moment. His passing comes within a week of an older friend of mine who died from cancer. A man who worked nearly until the day he died. He had to continue living his life even though he knew he was going to die. What a different life. But a life he died cherishing. To compare the two, I would take the life I cherished and had to work a little for. What would you take?

Busy does not even remotely describe things this month. Referring back to my last blog, I need to work really hard at not letting my life melt away. It is beginning to melt. This makes the purpose, also a previous blog, of writing all this, even more important. I want to keep the small details more than some of the bigger ones.

Here are some small details I can leave you with:

-Mackenzie in her My Baby floaty in the pool with the most adorable pink hat and a huge smile.
-Madison running out the front door and getting into my friend's van for her fist sleep over.
-Mike and I staying up way too late just to talk without being interrupted.
-Talking to my brother and feeling connected to him for the first time in my life.
-Watching my girls play with my brother's kids like true cousins who love each other.
-coming up with some random concoction to put in the crock pot and it coming out pretty tasty!

Cherishing the small moments that are my life. My real life!


  1. Love ya girl! So glad you are doing this. I am learning so much. I am sending you a message on FB with couponing info. Lets get together and talk more!! - Annette

  2. Hey Christina I have always loved reading things from you and your blog is no exception. I wish I could write like you. You truly have a gift!! Thanks for always being there for me with your words of wisdom and I will always cherish our freindship. Keep up the great work!!


  3. hey, I was just wondering how your brothers are...what did they end up doing?