Saturday, June 13, 2009

Organized Chaos

It has always been a goal of mine to have balanced fun! There must be quiet time, loud time, educated fun time, brainless fun time, and I suppose you get the idea. Yesterday we made a big mess of our day, and I meant that in the fun sense.

We had things that needed to get done and things we wanted to get done, so we interspersed the fun!! Mike, who has a broken foot, can only do things that do not require his feet. So he sat and sanded/stained my new shelves for my office and home-school materials. I weeded the garden. Which has a funny story that I must share. We have had a resident black snake in our rose garden, which also happens to be a train set built by Mike. We haven't seen him lately, so Mike was sure he was gone. I had seen him, but it was over by our veggie garden in the pile of pine straw. Keep this in your mind as y

Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar.Image via Wikipedia

ou read on! So dutifully, I weeded. I also found monarch caterpillars on the hibiscus which is turning into a nice school project!

Meanwhile, Madison played on the sprinkler and slip and slide, leading to mommy playing on the slip and slide!! Then we all went in the pool and the hot tub. Madison is getting very good at touching the bottom to pick things up now.

We decided to take a trip to the thrift store. I use thrift store to teach Madison the value of a dollar and that we don't always have to spend a lot of money. Now, recalling the snake friend story. On our way out to the car, in passing our now weeded and very neat looking rose garden, low and behold, our friend left us some evidence of his current existence in the way of...da da da DAAA...his skin!!! So, he may have taken a vacation, but his residence is still our train set!

We tried to order pizza as a treat for dinner but it was way to expensive for our budget to I made some Tilapia with lemon, butter and toasted almonds with corn on the cob. We ate in the living room for Friday night movie and had popsicles and cookies that I baked!

All in all, it was an unorganized day that got a lot accomplished! I even cleaned out the turtles tank. By the way, for the future, this is the turtle that we found in our garage who is now a monster. Also, the same turtle that...wait for it...ATE the goldfish!!! Don't you love having pets!

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  1. I would contend that Tilapia is a far superior dinner than pizza anyday.