Thursday, June 25, 2009


Sorry for the delay in blogs. We have had a busy few days. My writing time took to the wayside. Friday we went on a free pass the the YMCA. It has a brand new mini water park! What an awesome day! Madi took a little swim test and she was good enough to go without a life vest and use this giant twistie slide. We had a blast!!! It has a splash area too. Mackenzie even got to go in. Notice the exhaustion...

The weekend was full of family as it was Father's Day weekend. We got to see my brother and his kids. We had such a fantastic time with them. My dad seemed to enjoy us all. We swam in our pool all day Sunday since that was Mike's wish for Father's Day. He had exactly the day he wanted. He is such an amazing father. When we first got together, I never could have imagined the daddy he would be. He deserved to be honored.

In other news, Madison went to a Montessori style home school group this week. It is new to me but seems like a good match. I am really liking the combination of structure and "un"structure. It really works well for us. I am a little scared of the things happening in the government that are leaning toward taking home school rights away from parents. check out for the many changes that may be happening to parental rights. I believe every parent needs to educate and defend themselves.

My goals of organization are slowly with continuing education. I am getting connected now with other couponing families to help arm myself with better couponing insight! It is very interesting to see what people are discovering in the world of Good Deal.

A friend I have on FaceBook made a status that has stuck with me today. He said to make sure you account for the things you do, otherwise things will all melt together and before you know it, you will be wondering where all your time went. It has stuck with me because, although unsuccessful at times, I have always tried to relish the moment. Especially the moments leading up to something truly exciting because those are the moments that can mostly be forgotten. They are also the moments that can most make something spectacular. I don't want my life to melt away. The things you read in my, field trips, home school projects, organiztion...they are all the things I want to remember so my life doesn't melt away in some blur of forgotten details.

And last, Mike has been released to work again, so as of yesterday, he has gone back and we no longer have our fun daddy at home with us. Boooo:( But now, at least, he will get more of his income back. We have a love hate relationship with worker's comp right now.

So I have a pot roast in the crock pot, I am:
-listening to the sound of a calming fan.
-enjoying the feel of the keyboard as I pursue a love of writing.
-watching the sky turn a slight tint of gray with the possiblity of a storm.
-embracing the day I had with an old dear friend.
-praying my child will be able to make it all night on her first sleep over at that same friend's house. (who, by the way, was my sleep over buddy for years when we were younger. Approprate that she would have my daughter on HER first sleep over!!)
-working on organization
-accepting myself for what I am...

All in all it has been a productive few days...

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