Thursday, April 29, 2010

Reading through the biblle and living frugally!

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New shopping standards
Girl Scout camping trip

I have not put out a blog in a while as we have been swamped with activites.  We were also camping for a weekend as you will read below.  You can also keep up with me on facebook as I will post little bits I find here and there.  Become a fan on there AND here!  I love comments and messages and would love any input.

In case you haven't been keeping track of time, I have definitely surpassed my 90 day mark and have far from completed the bible.  Though I believe it to be doable. I do not believe I specifically could have done it.  So, I am just moving forward and have now come upon Job.  This is a book I have both been dreading and looking forward too.  I dreaded it because it is convicting to have had someone in history endure what he endured and remained faithful and righteous.  I looked forward to it, because much like the virtuous woman in Proverbs, just when I think I am going to lose my mind and wonder how much more I can take, I look back on Job.  I was finishing up Job as Mike's contract meeting with Disney came about.  That is when we find out if his contract gets renewed for another year.  If not, he loses his job.  I found peace somehow, before he ever went into his meeting in whatever happened, it was out of our hands.  We talked later and discovered, neither of us prayed that he would be renewed.  We both prayed for whatever was to come and to give us strength to endure it.  I thought about Job a lot.  He lost everything.  He was stripped of all that was wordly.  His faith never ceased.  He never let go of his faith in God and stood up to the people that argued with him about it.  Our situation more than paled in comparison.  We would endure.  We would continue our faith.  I can only pray that in the events that our future hold, I could continue to have that level of faith in God and know that we are in his hands and he knows what is coming before, during and after any life event.

New shopping standards

I have begun shooting for some new shopping standards.  We have been working diligently to save our money over the last 2 years.   We are beginning to see the fruits of our labors.  I don't want to stop the roll of momentum.  My new standards were set a few weeks back that I would be shopping from the $1 or less weekly deals on southern savers.  Now, granted, there are several things that this is an impossibility for me.  But I must say in the last few weeks, I have done a fairly good job at this.  I have been utilizing Save-A-Lot for their canned goods and bananas at 3 lbs for $1 (have never beat that anywhere!).  Their whole chickens are always .99/lb though Walmart is .98 and I have found them on sale at Publix for .78.  If I can give you any tips, check Southern Savers and click the weekly top deals tab for $1 or less deals and use their work of pairing up the coupons with the deals.  They show you printable and the ones from the paper.  I have tried as hard as I can to make due with those deals and have really managed to keep a good stock up of dry goods.

Girl Scout Camping Trip

Mike and I went with Madison's girl scout troop on a weekend camping trip.  I cannot tell you how proud I was of my family that weekend.  My baby had to stay home with grandma and pop-pop.  It was so hard to leave her, yet she did so awesome!  She slept through the night and ate like a champ.  She even performed her new walking skills all weekend!  Madi was an amazing little camper.  She hiked everday with her backpack and water.  She camped in a bunkhouse with all the other girls in her troop.  She even went canoeing with another girl by themselves!!  Mike was the only dad there and we were proud of that.  They were happy to have him there as well.  The kids loved him and the counselors thought it was awesome that he was so involved.  He is our troop's co-leader!  Yeah Daddy!  We had such a great time watching Madi being such a mature kid.  She blows us away everyday with the things she can accomplish.  She loves girl scouts and her troop has been a growing experience for us all!


I have been submitting my children's Christmas book to literary agencies.  None of the agencies have wanted them yet but that is what I expected.  They are a seasonal book and I am an inexperienced author.  But, I will keep working at it.  I also had a chance to work a little bit on my novel.  It has been completed for some time now, but it needs a lot of reworking and editing.  It also takes large chunks of time to do this.  I do not get large chunks of time except to workout and that is really important to my health so I cannot give that up.  However, I am working on my schedule daily and we are coming up on summer break and home-schooling goes part-time soI will have some time then.  I want to get to the point where I can submit that as well.  I hope by the end of the summer to have submitted it to at least one agency.  I love that novel and it is truly my writing passion right now.  It just takes time and I am being patient.  I know it will happen when it is meant to.

-Mackenzie p**pin' on the potty...MANY timees!!  Hehe!!  Getting potty trained and doing awesome!
-Madi hiking up the trail with her bandana and her backpack like a real camper!
-Mike singing girl scout songs with all the girls!  (I am so sure he is going to love that I put that in here!)
-Madi diving over a pile of girls on the soccer field and jumping up with both thumbs in the air!

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