Sunday, May 2, 2010

What happens when you CAN'T use coupons? and an unwelcomed intruder!

I know!!  It sounds absurd.  But it is true.  I shopped yesterday without coupons.  I had no choice.  It was out of necessity that I shopped.  So why was I so unplanned, you ask?  Let me tell you my story.

As I sat here at my desk, planning my shopping trip, getting ready to clip and print my happy savings, when I hear a rustling to my left in the girls' bathroom.  Sure that it was Mackenzie who was playing in her room, I giggled that she sounded like a snake slithering.  (That is not an embellishment.  I actually thought that.)  As I turned my head toward the bathroom, there, on the floor, racing behind the toilet and toward Madison's room, was an intruder.  A Black Racer Snake somehow found its way into our house. We still don't know how and we don't WANT to know when!!!)  I screamed so loud I was sure I busted out the neighbor's windows, ran into Mackenzie's room, only to find she was actually IN the bathroom with the snake, now screaming herself.  I stood there staring at her, completely frozen.  Finally, I grabbed her, ran to my unfolded laundry pile,  (I always have one of those handy),  grabbed clothes for Mackenzie, who had on only a diaper, Madison, who was now screaming AND dressed up like a pirate, a diaper bag (not fully sure if it even had diapers in it), and keys and ran out the front door screaming for my neighbor.  He searched but found nothing, so the girls and I headed out for the day.  I would not be returning until the snake was GONE!!

Needless to say, I had to shop without my beloved coupons.  We went to Walmart.  I can trust their prices without coupons and I did manage to find everything I needed at or below what I would have paid with coupons, making my total $54 which is about what I aim for each week.  My bags were stocked including 2 gallons milk and 2 extra large Ocean Spray juices, a super large Gatorade as well as some fruits and snacks, cheeses, breakfast stuff, and a few other odds and ends.  It was reassuring that in times of TRADGEDY!!! there is an answer!  Whew!

Oh, and Mike managed to find the snake in about 5 minutes flat, proudly coming out the front door holding it out like a lion with his kill!  Not twenty seconds after, our other friendly little visitor that lives in our train set had the nerve to pop his head out as if to say, "Na, na, na, na, na, didn't catch me!"  But not for lack of trying.  All our neighbors and Mike went after him, but the booger is still there.  Needless to say, anyone who comes into our home better SHUT THE DOOR!!!!

If I may add to my moments...
-Mike walking out the front door holding up a very...VERY angry intruder!  So proud of my manly man!!!


  1. all the neighbors and me, Chopped Liver, Mike's dad ..... and what does Mike do but race at his Mom with the snake as she tried to come help. the not so anonymous helper and moth ball supplier.

  2. Um...I believe you were...what was it again? Oh yeah, getting gloves! "Ok, I'm ready!"