Wednesday, September 29, 2010

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Song of Solomon
Gazelle Intense
Life as a home school family

Song of Solomon is nothing short of a love story.  I have to preface this with I don't like poetry.  This book reads like poetry.  I love...LOVE...did I mention LOOOOOOOVVVVEE to read.  But poetry has never really done it for me.  I believe this book was about the kind of man/husband Soloman wished he was.  He was not the greatest man when it came to being a husband, but here, he demonstrates virtuous qualities exhibiting an exemplary man.  I also noted that there was some hesitation from her.  I almost got the sense she was not sure she wanted only him, but it quickly turned to a sense of absolute love and commitment to form an unbreakable bond.  

Gazelle Intensity
We have completed Financial Peace University .  This is from Dave Ramsy who is a financial expert and debt expert.  We have turned our finances around over the last few years to work for us.  This has taken a lot.  It has taken sacrifice, time, practice, discipline, relentless saving, a multitude of mistakes, and most of all it has taken teamwork.  We have had to be on the same page all the time.  We have had to make all of our decisions as a couple.  This was not the hard part for us.  The hardest part has been limiting our "entertainment" at the expense of our social life.  Now we don't have one so it is getting easier!!  We watch as our friends go out to eat and go on vacations.  We sit back and enjoy our blockbuster membership and call it entertainment.  We do great accepting this most of the time, but it gets hard and we give in...sometimes a lot, but most times we remain firm in our position to build a future for us and our girls.  Part of Dave's plan starts off with building a $1,000 emergency fund as step 1.  Then you pay off all debt as step 2.  Then you build a 3-6 month savings as step 3.  We are moving slowly through these steps, but in one month's time we have gone through 2 emergency funds!!  UGH!  The setbacks can get frustrating!  But this is where Dave says to use "Gazelle Instensity".  We are continuing to work as hard as we can, save in every area we can (without totally depriving ourselves and kids though), and we analyze every expense.  We feel annoyed at our sacrifices, but we keep going as hard and fast as we can to making our money work for us!  We made the decision for me to home school and be our home's manager and this means sacrifice. 

Home School Adventures
We are full swing into our full-time school year.  I say full-time because during the summer we only do a few days a week and we don not attend specials at the elementary school.  Madison is doing an amazing job in her school work and really coming along well.  She goes to the school to take music, art, PE, Spanish and they even have a science class.  It is a great opportunity for her and I don't have to try to teach art!  Yay for me!  It is fun with Mackenzie now at an age to "play" with us.  She works on coloring and shape sorting as best she can.  It has been a great start to our year and I can see that by the end of this school year, Madi is going to be a pro.  Our schedule gets very hectic and getting all of our work done gets to be a challenge, but we stay flexible and that is perfect for us. 

-Madi picking Mackenzie up off the floor when she fell and Mackenzie crying out for her big sissy!
-Our yard and its expansion as the suset can now be seen over the lake!
-The four of us playing on the swings.
-Madison reading a book to Mackenzie.
-Daddy and Mackenzie in the mornings as they "talk".

I don't always have control over things, in fact most times I don't.  But watching my little family grow and change is proving to me it isn't in my control anyway!!

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