Friday, October 2, 2009

Best laid plans

. /The ladies playing!
Madison's first sleepover at our house! They went to church and this is them singing!
A visit from grandma and pop pop at the campground resulted in pop-pop in the pool. NEVER happens!
Grandma and pop pop with the girlies!
Mackenzie's first time in a swing!

The little ladies out for some fresh air! Madi's home school group!
Doing some math at school!

I have gotten behind...AGAIN! But alas, the school year is well under way and time is flittering away. We are desperately trying to make the most of what we have. We are, daily, being taught lessons and are really beginning to notice what and where we are. One important lesson we are learning actually come straight out of the lessons from our children's ministry at church. It is all about being wise, making wise choices and surrounding ourselves with wise people. So my thoughts lately have really focused on what I am DOING with what I have. Including my money. Part of my quest for the "deal" is to save money, but the other is to use what I am saving for others. I am not sure how long it will take for me to really feel the abundance, but I have noticed with my research and practice, my deals are getting better and better, thus I am getting more for my money and saving money in our account. As a family, we have begun to look at some needs of others and are going to begin to extend our hands. God has helped us out in massive ways and it is time, we use what he has given us to help. We have tried to live pretty simply and when we find that we have some excess, we do not want to indulge ourselves, we want to help. We have begun to feel it is our time to help for however long we are able. I, at least, managed to read some this month. I have not written all month. Boooooo! But, I have been doing a lot of research on blogging and coupons (for the purpose of saving money). If I am to continue to home school, I need to continue to contribute by saving as much as possible. I feel pretty balanced. Perhaps it is because I am doing what I feel is needed right now. I must admit, as I am sure most people can relate, with my husband working 7 days a week, I feel like my day never ends. EVER! I always have a child's needs to meet or hanging off of me or laundry or dishes or food to cook...something. Always. I am constantly on the go, even when I am home. That includes my time for researching and answering a very curious 5 year old's endless array of questions. That being said... Madison is an amazing student. She is reading so well and loves science. She is learning about Egypt right now and we are working toward King Tut. Her math skills are great and she is loving being taught by me. She has begun girl scouts now and in a Daisy troupe. She will be doing community service projects and I cannot wait to see how far it will take her growth. Mackenzie is beginning some baby babble and is now standing herself up in her crib. She is really getting to be a fun little being with a personality! You should check out this picture of my trip to CVS today which I was determined to make. I have seen so many amazing store trips in my research so I wanted to make not just a great deal but an amazing trip. My total was 22.04. Considering the diapers alone should have cost 19.00, I'd say this trip was well worth it! It was a total saving with sales, coupons and extra care bucks was $47.06!!!! I did this in 2 separate orders to get the most for my money! : I also went to Save-a-lot this week and got whole chicken for .99/lb, 5lb bag of potatoes for $1, 3lbs of bananas for $1, cans of veggies for.45, 1.99/lb ground turkey and some other various deals giving me all my shopping for the week and then some totaling 53.03!!! The girls and I have done a few thrift store tours this month. (We have lot of them here in Clermont) We found some amazing items and spent very little money. I am very proud of the lessons Madi is learning in frugality and value! many to choose, but here are a few. -Mackenzie saying da-da. -Mike surprising me with Santa's White Christmas ice cream!!!! (My favorite kind of coffee!) -Mackenzie standing up in her crib one morning when I went in to get her. -Madison's singing girl scout songs and doing the girl scout promise at her first meeting. -My CVS trip. -Our decision to help others being joint and almost like it was laid out for us. -An amazing moment whenMadison whispered in Mackenzie's ear without knowing I heard, "You are always my sister." Really feeling purpose and fulfillment.

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