Monday, October 5, 2009

Take a challenge with me on my new budget...

My time is becoming more and more precious as it seems to be flitting away in the wind these days. I have been doing to my time as I do to my grocery bill! Too bad there are no coupons for time budgets. As I go through my weeks, I am whittling away the nickel and dime things that cause my time bill to be to high for my time budget. I am at the beginning of a Facebook fast! I think that is unnecessary caloric intake right now! I will get my time budget under control and return to it at a later time. My priorities are taking care of Mackenzie (making her food, not buying it in jars, beginning to teach her baby things and other such mommy things), home schooling Madison, cooking every day to prevent spending unnecessary money eating out, organizing the house for simple living, planning ahead for meals and groceries, teaching Madi how to live with purpose, educating myself, writing, and living with my own purpose. I have found some time at the end of the day lately, often while Mike watches Glenn Beck, and without Facebook and email, this may prove to be a fantastic time to get through the items I cannot accomplish during the busy day. I will keep you posted on this new progress.

Madison and I are working on Egypt right now in school. It is amazing to see just how much she loves to learn and what she will take in! I mean, Egypt?? Come on! I love it! We talked about the Nile and are on our way to King Tut! She is reading like a storm and love to do it. She is really into reading the Tinkerbell books as well as Junie B. Jones. Those are chapter books so I read those to her. But she reads all of her books to me!

I am waiting until Friday to go grocery shopping. I know I will need to find some more of those whole chickens again and I will need produce. I am sticking to that $50 this week, but hoping for $40!

Take a challenge with me. Weed out not just your grocery bill, but the time calories eating into your life. Go through your day and keep track of the things that are above your budget. I challenge you to find time to grow yourself and your family wisely. I am on board and would love to hear how you do as well!

-Paige has a new noise that makes me smile no matter what! The little rollie polie!
-Mackenzie was in her crib one morning waiting for me and the second she saw me, her face lit up!
-Madison recited a bible verse about being wise. She is learning!!!
-Mike cleaned the air vents in a rage, but also to be helpful to me. My ever observant man!
-Madison snuggled up to Mike when they fell asleep on the couch one night. So precious!

There are many kinds of budgets...take time to find time! We can do it together!


  1. Oh christina, I totally agree with you!!! I know I should absolutely do the same thing- I've actually cut my time online down quite a bit....I hardly ever get to go online in the mornings anymore. You're my hero in more ways than one.

  2. Thank you Summer!!! I think we both have lots to offer each other!!!