Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Good times and bad

Madi all dressed up as Jasmine from the Sawyer-bobbity-boutique.

Madi lost her first tooth!

At Mosi learning about probability.

Our Thomas Town!!!

Me, laying on a bed of REAL nails!!

Some of you may have read through my facebook yesterday that I had the worst shopping trip of my life at the Walgreens right by my house even though I scored 0ver $40 of stuff for $4. Why, then, was it my worst shopping trip? I will save the long story. Check out my facebook (listed here on the right side bar) for the details, but it all had to do with customer service. This just goes to show you how customer service can truly ruin what should have been en extremely good shopping trip! Go read it!

I took Madison to the Orlando Science Center to get our passes that we earned by doing our garage sale. We checked it out for a little while and are very pleased with our purchase! It also gets us into a ton of other museums all over the country including the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa. On Friday, Mike needed some items from a store in Tampa that specializes in hydroponics, so the girls and I made a trip of it and went to the MOSI. We had a blast. We spent several hours there and barely scratched the surface. So much fun and lots of things I can utilize as school work without her even realizing it. We finished out a unit study we were doing on Where the Wild Things are, so after the MOSI we met Mike at Festival Bay and went to see the movie. It was very sweet. It was just about as unrelated to the book as it possibly could be, but sweet none the less. I saw some parts that seemed unnecessary and a bit odd, but ignorable. It was a fun night to say the least.

This last week, I made a whole chicken and some lasagna which have made for some fantastic left overs and lunches. We have decided 1 night a week we are going to do rice and beans or soup of some kind. Just another easy way to save some money. We had made a fantastically responsible decision to get Mike's car fixed, (about $2000), instead of get a cheap new car. But it has come to our attention, there is more to fix than previously anticipated, so we now are having to look into buying a car. As we have been only using cash for over a year and a half, we are not sure about adding a bill to our budget, so I guess we are going to be re-figuring previously mentioned budget. Boo!! I hate restructuring! I will keep you posted. I am going to post our ACTUAL budget once this gets worked in. Some people have asked about how much I put in each category and there was the discussion of emergencies, so I figure I can post it here and let you see it.

Moments to top it all off...

-Mackenzie waving at the movie screen.
-Some fantastic writing time all alone.
-Church service on Sunday where we truly felt our own growth. BOTH of us.
-Mackenzie standing up in her crib waving at me in the doorway.
-3:00 am. The biggest, most grateful hug from the sweetest baby telling me to enjoy it while it lasts.
-Mike, coming home to tell me how he went into the Walgreens to be sure they understood just how much they had upset me. He could not stand how poorly I was treated and I love him so much for it.

Sometimes, just when we think the bad is bad, it turns out to be the best!


  1. Christina - that is so sweet that Mike went in to the store to tell them how they had hurt you. Love reading your blogs. - Annette

  2. What an awesome thing Mike did for you. My Mike would have just been like " I hope you told them off! " cause you know me, I probably would have!! :)