Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bible in 90 Days: David, and Facebook

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I felt the need to go back a little bit into 2 Samuel to make note of David.  I skimmed right over David and Jonathan's soulful relationship.  I heard a sermon from our pastor on this last year and it was one of my favorites and then, I read it, and skipped making a point of it.  The bond they shared is incomparable to most any relationship I have known, short of marriage!  He was in between loving his father and David.  Jonathan knew what his father was doing was wrong, but loved him anyway.  He also loved David like a brother and warned him of his father's plot to kill him!  This relationship remains evident all the way until the end when David mourns the loss of Jonathan so much, hears later he is still looking for one more tie to him,  to bring in his crippled son, just to feel close to him.  Jonathan was loyal, trustworthy, and honest to his death and David never took him for granted nor did he ever forget.  I feel that loyalty and love for my children and my husband.  I would do anything for them.  Do you have relationships like that?  Some people don't want to let anyone in that close.

I also wanted to point out another part of David that I did not mention.  It applies to many of the other leaders, large and small.  He battled evil.  They all did.  He battled disobedience, immorality, and weakness.  I have skimmed stories sometimes that I have found throughout the bible and felt like I could never live up to someone like David, Moses, Abraham and many many others.  But if you actually read about their live, like you read a story or watch a move, you will see the evidence of their humanness.  They were beyond amazing, but they were not perfect.  They overcame, they fought through, they sought God's guidance, and they prayed.  They far surpassed any trial or tribulation I could come up with and lived to tell about it.  I am well equipped and will not be asked to do something I cannot do.  It should be my mantra.  I need to pray for the wisdom that I am not alone in the things God places on my plate.  Others before me have suffered unimaginable feats.  I have the strength, its just the ability to unveil it when the time is right.

Purpose.  Like identity, I think purpose changes.  There are also multiple purposes.  All God wanted was the people to obey him.  He had delivered them and handed them a promise and all they had to do was obey him.  What is your purpose?  I feel multiple purposes and in some cases they overlap my identity and even my hope.  I live right now for my family.  My purpose is to be an example to my kids, to grow with my husband, to pay it forward through our money, our time and our resources.  They are also my hopes and my identities.  What are your thoughts on this?

I am into Kings, but still felt the need to talk more about David.  I will catch up more soon.

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Here are some pictures of our recent trip to the science center, Madi and her friend Elisha, my desk that has FINALLY been uncovered from the coupon disaster, the girl scouts visit from the DARE officer, and my girls being themselves (Mackenzie likes to crawl inside of boxes and laundry baskets)!!!

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