Sunday, February 28, 2010

1 Chronicles, some trying times, and what I am thinking

I have been reading through the bible as you know.  I am blogging behind where I am reading because there is a lot to write about and this may cause overwhelming amounts of info to come off of my fingertips!  Therefore I am writing small tidbits.  Today I want to share a few things.  First, I am writing about 1 Chronicles.  It starts off with some lineage, which, if I had more time (which I do not, if I want to keep my husband), I would LOVE to write up the lineage.  It has been great, up until Kings, to keep track, basically, of who came from where.  But I am officially lost trying to keep THAT up!  So I am now just sucking up the information and thinking about how I can apply it. 

I did find it funny that Jabez, who cam from the clan of Judah, was named Jabez by his mother because, get this, she gave birth to him in pain!!  I found that a rather satirical little bit there in the middle of the lineage descriptions!  Another funny little piece I picked up came from the gatekeepers.  Have you ever had a job where you did cold calling for businesses?  I have.  In this job, the task was to get past the gatekeeper to the person you needed to actually speak to!  It is described here in 1 Chronicles.  There were 212 of them.  Their job was to guard the gate to the house of the Lord.  They had special posts and tasks.  Funny that this term may have been coined right here in Chronicles!  There is a lot of recap here with Saul taking his own life, which, I discovered 1 and 2 Samuel was actually not all on his own.  He had a little help.  But it is all due to his disobedience to God.  After this is the retelling of David and his greatness as a king with great reward from God.  I hear in this book the "plan".  God's plan, not ours.  We have the plan in our heads, don't we.  I know, you have heard it all before.  I am just pointing out that God makes it pretty clear that his plan is THE plan.  Live it out and have yourself a slice of peace...

Mackenzie has had her fourth ear infection in 4 months so we will be heading to an ear nose and throat doctor to have him take a look and see what our options are and see what exactly is causing all of these infections.  It is my prayer that it is teeth and that is the end, but after a 103.6 fever and a mild panic attack, I would like some answers.

I am looking into my future a little bit lately.  I have been working on an agent for my books.  I have run into some technical snags as well as some, lack of knowledge, shall we say?  It is quite a world out there in publishing.  I don't have lofty or unrealistic goals, I am just taking it slowly and I think I need some more momentum.

Last night, Madi made a museum of her bedroom so Mike could go in for his birthday and have a night to play in a museum!  It was the most precious thing.  We played and then watched, or more like fell asleep to, Night at the Museum!  It was a beautiful  night.  Matt, our soon to be brother in-law, made us a delicious dinner and I made Black Forest Cake from scratch.  It was kinda droopy and falling apart, but at least it wasn't raw! 

All in all, it feel like change is coming...just don't know what change and where.  Not my plan though is it?

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