Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Reading through the bible, budget ups and downs, fun family and friend times

I will start off by apologizing for my long interruption since 2 Samuel.  I had intended to write this weekend, but Mackenzie got sick early Sunday morning with a high fever which led to the Dr. on Monday and a very clingy baby.  She is on the mend of a double ear infection.  AGAIN.  We could be headed for tubes.  That is 3 in 3 months.

Our budget from Dave Ramsey is in full swing.  And when I say swing, I mean swing.  We are adjusting and adapting all over the place.  Not bad stuff, but I can see the high maintenance this is right here in the beginning.  We should figure this out in the next few months.

I am now ready to blog about 1 Kings.  David's son Solomon is now King after his brother Adonijah mistakenly assumes the throne.  David sets is all right.  One of his last conversations with before dying is to tell Solomon to rule with God's word.  Solomon does just that.  He seeks God's wisdom by asking him to (1 Kings 3:9) "give your servant a discerning heart to govern your people and to distinguish between right and wrong.  For who is able to govern this great people of yours?"

God acknowledges that he could have asked for riches or a long life, but he asks for the ability to tell right from wrong!  Hmmmm, what would you ask for given an audience with God?  I think I would have to think about that for a bit.

Solomon is faced with the ruling of the two prostitutes.  They both had babies at the same time while living in the same house.  One rolled over onto her baby and he died, so she stole the other baby.  When that woman figured it out, they argued it in front of the king.  He puts them to the test by saying he will cut the baby in half and discerns who is the real mother because she would sooner give up her baby than see him cut in half.  I like to think anyone would make that same choice!  I would say that was a wise ruling on the part of Solomon!  God continued to give Solomon wisdom.  He built a temple with the aid of the  people of Tyre.  He obeyed God's commands on its structure.  I turn back to the temple from Exodus.  The detail and how each tiny little splinter had a place is amazing to me.  God's interior designer comes out again!  It took 13 years!  God told David that even though he wanted to build a temple, he was not the one to build it, but his son was.  8:22 gives Solomon's prayer of dedication.  He truly had the desires of God in his heart.  He even asks if he will really dwell on earth because even the highest heaven cannot contain you, much less this temple.  God visits Solomon again and promises as long as he fulfills God's commands, he will establish his royal throne over Israel forever.  He makes it very clear that Israel will be cut off from the land he has given them if they so much as put one toe out of line.

The Queen of Sheba comes to Solomon to ask for his wisdom to which he has no shortage of answers for her.  This makes me think of times I am asked questions about my beliefs when it feels like God is speaking for me.  I ask him for the right words to come out and they do.  God was with him, aiding him so he could wisely advise her.

But as time wore on, he had 700 wives and 300 concubines.  I am thinking this is why we eventually got rid of the polygamy thing!  These women led him astray.  Not a good example of women in history.  He turned his eyes to other gods and his heart was no longer fully devoted to God.  The Lord became angry as Solomon did not follow his command to not honor other gods.  He promises to rip the kingdom out of his son's hands and turn it over to another.  To honor David, however, he will leave his son with one tribe.  David's goodness shines long after his death.  Rehoboam succeeded him as king.  He chooses not to listen to his people and they rebel against him.  (Hopefully some of our nation's leaders have read this part!)

Jeraboam now becomes king.  So much of the message in Kings has to do with following God's s commands.   The man of God from Judah who is misled by a man claiming to be a prophet and he ends up being mauled by a lion and left on the side of the rode.  How many times have I been misled into behaving in a way that could get me "mauled by a lion"?  Jeraboam's failure to yield to God and this led to the downfall and destruction of the earth.

More on Kings to come.  Any thoughts?

Exodus 20:1-21 Truth.  God spoke the 10 commandments.  The truth of God's word is a solid a foundation as you can build.  God's commandments make you as true a person as you can be.  The bare-naked truth of God's scriptures leads to that thick  foundation.  What is your thought on God's truth.  The truth that builds us as people and where it comes from.

I have had lots of these lately.  My family is so amazing and I am reminded each and every day about this.

-My favorite moment this week was all of us on the floor in the girls' bathroom while Mackenzie was on the potty.  She was imitating Madi's screeching and buzzing her lips!  We were rolling around with laughter!!!
-Mike had to have his car repaired this week and it was a BIG repair and for the first time in a few years, it was not a catastrophe!
-Being attacked by a sea gull TWICE when walking with the girls on the Boardwalk with an ice cream cone.  Not funny then.  Very funny now!!
-Waking with my baby in the wee hours of the morning to rock her and sooth her.  The rubbed my face.  It felt like she was saying, "I love you!"
-Madison crawling on the floor next to Mackenzie, who was crying a bit, and saying,"I understand, Mackenzie!  No, I really do.  Its ok!  It will all be ok!"  I cannot believe the beautiful young lady she is turning into.
-Our friend Ralfie...more like part of our family, coming to hang out with us.  He come to watch football and have hamburgers and just be here!!  He goes so out of his way to visit us and loves our girls!

Time is so valuable and I am really trying not to waste it, but I am also trying to learn the importance of down time!!!  Mike let me take a nap yesterday and it was amazing!!!!

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