Thursday, February 25, 2010

Reading Through the Bible, Getting aLiterary Agent and Growing Pains

So what have I gotten from 2 Kings?  That kings think they are above all that!  What does a man have to do to get a nation's attention???  The prophets stood up and flat out told them what would be and what God was telling them to.  Then HE HIMSELF followed through just in case they didn't want to believe him!  That did not convince them to throw away the false idols and follow him. 

Elisha took some strides.  (I am partial to his name as one of my very close friends named her daughter Elisha).  What a person to be named after.  Elisha surpassed Elijah.  That was not easy to do.  For starters: 
  • Elisha caused a dead child to live (2 Kings 4:8-37).
  • Elisha made poisonous food safe (2 Kings 4:38-41).
  • By God's power, Elisha cured Naaman. Naaman was the captain of a foreign army (2 Kings 5).
  • Israel even won battles without a fight, because of Elisha (2 Kings 6:8-23). 
Elisha was part of the prophesy that the evil rulers of Jezebel and Joram would die a horrible death when he appointed Jehu the King of Israel.  He killed them  Yet he STILL followed false gods.  Other troubles ensued and it was an all around mess.  Manneseh, who served terrible gods, was a cruel man, who killed innocent people. God was angry when he saw these evil actions. So, God decided to destroy the nation of Judah, too (2 Kings 21:1-18).  Then, Josiah became king. Josiah was Manasseh's grandson.  He was the greatest king they had.  Josiah served God. Josiah loved God's law. Josiah encouraged the people to trust God. And Josiah repaired God's temple (the house of God).

The Message...

So all in all, I think the message is pretty simple here.  The messages were made as clear as clear could be.  Following God is the message.  He sends us messages.  He puts it out there.  Take the message and run with it.  I pray the message doesn't get lost in the bad signals I get through my cell service.  There are so many ways the devil makes his way in.  The more we follow him, the worse it will get.  BRING IT ON!!!
Life takes its ups and downs.  I am in a lull right now.  I am trying to get an agent for my books and I keep running into snags.  I know it is going to be a process but I am creative not logistic.  Though my best friend reminded me today that I can be logistic when I want to be...I just don't think this is that time.  I want to see this through to fruition so on I plunge!  
It has been a week of thoughts and reminiscing around here.  We discovered recently that  a friend of Mike's from many years ago lost his life in a very tragic way.  It brings to light what is important in our lives.  I was challenged by my best friend with what is it that will satisfy me.  My family is what satisfies me.  No matter how many days pop up that make me feel like I have lost my identity, or I wonder what it is I am doing, nothing is so bad that I would give up my core, my true center of my life.  I have things that I love and that I want for myself, but I do not want to sacrifice my family for them.  So amazing what a few loves of your life will do!  5 years ago, you would have never heard those words out of my mouth.

My moments recently feel so intrinsic.  I love my moments and they are beyond rewarding.  They always involve my family.  I love them so much and they make me who I am.  

-Madison crying because all she wants at night is to fall asleep on the couch with us.
-Sitting up very late at night talking with Mike.  He makes my whole world make sense.
-Forgetting to turn the chili on high...I never said the moments needed to be the BRIGHTEST ones!
-Realizing, at least I have goals and projects that I am working on.
-My little baby wanting me to hold her so badly that she crawls between my feet and pulls on my legs.

I have so much right here in my little world.  How could I ever have a moment that makes me feel less than blessed, loved, and well taken care of.


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  1. and yes that is why I named her Elisha. Love his story. Ethan was also a king, briefly talked about. It's amazing how far faith will take you! ;)