Thursday, March 11, 2010

Book Review of John Bunyan

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I am reviewing the book John Bunyan, by Kevin Belmonte.    His life was littered with struggle and war beginning at a young age with the deaths of his mother and sister.  His father was a brazier and he was expected to follow.  However religious his mother may have been, she instilled just enough in him to create a sense of morality.  He was permitted to go to school, which, considering his family's trade, was rare.  After his formal schooling, the end came o/f his intellectual expansion at that point.  This was where he developed his lifelong love of reading.

He truly struggled with his walk with Christ was on a bumpy road.  He spent time in prison and for his beliefs.  Despite wars and violent persecution, he became the author of one of the most famous pieces of English literature.  He ravished any book he could get his hands on.  His wife came to their marriage with 2 books as part of a dowry and were a pattern in his life as they would have a huge impact. 

The book it a quick and easy read.  It is a simple introduction to the life of the author of Pilgrim's Progress.  I read it in several hours.  The entire story is skimming the surface but it leaves me with the feeling that he felt he skirted the outlying areas of death, in the spiritual sense, itself.  He pleads with his readers to see Jesus as a merciful savior.  His intelligence was deep and intense and a basic staple in his life.  The book piqued my interest in his biography and Pilgrim's Progress.  I found myself thinking of Paul and comparing him.  It seemed like it would make a good book for a high school term paper or essay.  It was just enough to make me curious. It was clearly written with a strong spiritual message and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a quick read or a very good summary.
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