Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ezra and my life is taking over!!!

 In this blog:
PICTURES (We had a Paige day!!  Some fun pictures of birthday weekend too!)


The book of Ezra starts off with the Jews who were not following God's law and...SURPRISE! He allows them to be attacked.  Central theme once again?  I suspect so!  There was the opposition to the rebuilding of the temple and finally it was completed anyway because Cyrus issued the building permit.  They had building permit issues even then? 

Ezra prays about intermarriage and because he knows what they have been subjected to with war, death, humiliation and captivity, were because of their unfaithfulness.  His prayer in Ch 9:6-15 really stood out to me.  It is a prayer worth reading a few times.  What can we say to our forgiving father when we have failed him?  Would he not be angry enough to desert?  Yet he stays.  He forgives.  He loves.

I am far past this in my reading, but have to go back to refresh as I write!  This is a challenge!  I have had a little down time from my blog, but I am back at it now.  I will keep you posted on my reading progress.


I have begun bringing MAdi up to the local elementary school for specials classes everyday.  This has proven to be a task as I have to get all of our schoolwork done before lunch and then off we go.  The upside is she is getting subjects I don't really teach like PE and Art!  I hate art!  I can't draw to save my life.  I can't duplicate PE because there is only one student.  She also gets to take computer, science, Spanish, instruments and voice.  School is really going well and our weeks are packed.  Soccer starts next week along with girlscouts.  We have our first girl scout camping trip coming up.


This blog is all about being balanced right?  Reading and writing are passions of mine.  I have begun a little program, which anyone who has a blog can start, called Book Sneeze.  Here, they send you free books with the agreement that you will review it on your blog and one public forum like Amazon.  Free books baby!!! 

As for writing, I am still on the hunt for an agent.  It is getting rather frustrating because I have made no progress.  I truly believe in my books, but I have had some technical issues and may have hit a brick wall.  My approach may have to change and this does not make me happy. 

I am also trying to work some time into my schedule to begin work on my novel again.  I have finished it but have been working a long time to get it tuned up and then will most likely need to work some more to fine tune.  As it is now, though, with workouts and school to teach and naps to work around, some of this is proving to be taxing.  I have to work things in and out as they become too much. 


Life is busy but we are strong, healthy and happy.  We are abundant in love and health and I pray with all of my heart and soul that it will stay that way. 

Moments are piled up but here is a snapshot...

-watching the new series LIFE with Madison.
-seeing Mackenzie putting things in and out of a small container (though she still doesn't walk).
-reading my bible in total silence.  (It is usually not so silent and rather distracting!)
-deep conversation with an amazing friend.
-Madi's entire birthday weekend and a visit with an old friend and her little girl.

I need a pause button!

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