Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Reading through the bible and Life as we know it!

Publix and haphazard shopping
Spring Break

Nehemiah's prayer is so soulful in the beginning.  In my small group just last time we met, we talked about praying from head to toe.  This prayer was head to toe and back again.  I often find my prayers rushed and incomplete.  They should be satisfying and from deep inside, yet I am distracted and I do not fully communicate with God what is way down inside.  In chapter 2 he is in front of the king.  The king asks him what he wants and he prayed before he answered.  I immediately thought of all the times I should have done that.  That would have saved my foot in my mouth I am certain!  He trusted that God would have his wishes granted by the king and they were.  The wall of Jeruselum was rebuilt because he followed what God called him to do.  Again, this was followed by opposition, but in that time (and this time for that matter), what wasn't!?  He fought for the poor and stood up for the wrong that was being done to them.  I love how when he received a message from Sanballet saying that it was understood that they were buiding the wall inpreparation for a fight, he says, "you are just making that up out of your head."  Cracks me up!  He just kept praying for strength and it was completed and the exiles returned.  After everyone was settled, Ezra read the Book of Revelation to the people.  They lamented as he read and but Nehamiah told them not to mourn or weep because it was a sacred day.

I will continue with Nehamiah next time.

Publix and haphazard shopping
I went to Publix this week.  I spent $73 and save $65.  Not the best trip but it was decent.  I have been so busy lately that I have been a little careless and this will be proof to you of why efficiency will save you money.  While my coupons and emails are organized, I am better able to access the things I need to find the deals.  I have fallen several weeks behind in organizing my envelopes of coupons.  I also have not printed from as I should before they reset.  (If you have no idea what that means, send me an email and I will explain.)  I absolutely need to de-clutter my desk, my coupon box and my email inbox.  This will be a project I accomplish one at a time.  In the meantime, my shopping trips will be minimal so I do not spend money I do not need to spend.  I have been doing awesome cooking and planning meals ahead and not wasting food.  Meals are not pre-prepared and they take very little time to make because I plan!  This saves money, so again, I point to being efficient!  My mother gave me an amazing tip when she found London broil on sale for $1.99 and bought a bunch and got some ground up by the butcher right there in the store!  Mom' s are amazing for tips like that!  At least I am not calling her from my college apartment asking her if the chick is supposed to be pink when its done!

Please look here and fill up your inbox with a bunch of great freebies!

Life as we know it
Times are crazy right now, but it is all good crazy.  I am still trying to find an agent.  I am frustrated and need to figure some technical things out still.  Homeschooling is amazing and Madi is so unbelievably smart.  I am so proud of her.  I am halfway through the Insanity 60 day workout program and it is exactly as it is titled.  I  love it and am looking toward the next program after this is over.  Mike is still working 7 days a week and we are coming up on what we pray to be his contract RENEWAL and not contract end!!!!  Mackenzie is completing the antibiotics she was prescribed for 21 days but is still messing with her ears.  This could be bad...tubes seem to be in our future.  But we are still hoping and praying they clear and we have a healthy, sleeping little girl.  What a trooper.  Madi starts soccer this Friday!!! 

Here is to getting organized and de-cluttering so I can get back on track! 


  1. I stumbled on your post! First, I was reading because you were talking about the Bible....and I thought how insightful your post was on Nehemia (almost named my cat I had in college Nehemia!) Have you ever done a Beth Moore study? I was so lucky to get to see her live with my mom, two aunts and two cousins....Powerful! p
    Then I kept reading and I noticed you were doing Insanity. I just finished with it and I am in LOVE! Half way through the program I decided to sign up as a coach. Check out my website. The neat thing is the group I got involved with hired a man named Craig Holiday. What a gift from God! He was hired to help grow the business and he ended up sharing his love for the Lord. I was suprised actually when I called in and heard him speak, but very pleased. Sorry if I am going on and on. Anyway, I enjoyed your post! If you ever have questions about beachbody, feel free to email me on my website or you can always join the free membership.

  2. I just realized that last post had my husbands name. My name is Lori Streitmatter. Sorry about that!

  3. No problem Lori! I do love insanity. I did P90X first. I loved it too. I have not seen Beth Moore though I have heard her on the radio and some other audios. My church did a study that I missed. We are currently working on Celebration of Discipline in our small group.