Wednesday, February 15, 2012

At Home Fitness! (30 day challenge) Fit Test #2

Week 3 starts off with a new fit test.  Again, you complete each exercise, as many as you can, in 50 seconds. Two weeks are complete so here are my second fit test results:

squat jumps: 62
push-ups (on feet): 41
burpees: 20
high knees (each foot touching the floor is 1): 135
switch lunges: 50
tuck (HAAAAAATE): 46
sit-ups: 33

These were my first week. There is some improvement.  There some areas of decline too!?  Maybe I was tired.  Or being lazy!  I always wonder with a fit tes,ts though, if you have pretty high scores, how much can you really improve with a 50 second time interval?  I can see my areas of weakness for sure though!!  LOL!

Squat jumps: 48
Push-ups (on feet not knees): 32
Burpees: 20
High knees: 152
Switch lunges: 54
Tuck jumps (I hate HATE HATE these with a passion): 50
Sit ups (the old fashioned way): 33

Either way, I will  keep working and sweating and feeling great! 

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