Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Untamed Book Review

One of my Multi-Purpose Mom tasks is book reviews.  I received this book free to review it!  Awesome deal!

 I have recently read the book Untamed by Lisa Harper.  The book is certainly geared toward women and a quick and easy read.  I would fit it in categories for high school or college girls, new believers, people looking for a refresher, and even a study for moms to do  together with a younger girl.

It really scratches the surface as a beginner study.  The author brings her own real-life experience in to make a genuine experience for the reader.  There are multiple depictions of his life  in situations we encounters proving Jesus walked through things we may experience and displaying how he handles them.  there was a strong female voice which, at times felt unnecessary.  It nicks the surface of biblical study but gives great points for further study.

It is definitely not a challenging book, but it does present questions at the end of each chapter allowing the reader to delve deeper if they choose.  It gets the reader into the bible and practicing finding scripture to relate to life.  A new believer or someone looking for a bit of a refresher would certainly benefit from this book.

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