Monday, February 13, 2012

At Home Fitness! (30 day challenge) Week 2

I  am now about to complete week 2.  I just wanted to highlight a few things.

First of all, I  have kept my diet, as they put it, very clean!  I love that terminology because I am not an organic/ingredient checker. Clean, to me, means keeping my fats and sugars low, drinking lots of water, keeping my calories pretty low, and eating balanced: proteins, grains, lots of raw veggies like salads and raw carrots and peppers. I make my food (no pre-made or boxed/frozen) and I keep it balanced.  I have also let myself have a few "cheats" because if I don't, I will likely rebel and I definitely don't want that.  I do, however, have good control.  I can have 1 little treat and be totally fine for a good long while.  So that may not work for everyone. 

Next is my workouts.  I have only let myself have 1 resting day instead of 2 because if I take 2, I find I lose motivation and FAST!  1 active rest day and then on with it.  On the days I do not feel like I am challenged, I have chosen 1 or two of the rounds to repeat.  I am not that overzealous, but it has happened a few times.  I am absolutely feeling it and I love it.  I altered some exercises as I have noted and I will post a few today.

Last is my sleeping.  I try to get 8 hours.  I rarely get the chance to sleep straight through...such is the life of a mom, but that workout is like most people's chocolate in the afternoon, so I save it (sometimes) for later in the day if I know I am needing to be awake later than, say, well, after dinner!  HA!!

Has anyone else decided to try Body Rock?

***UPDATE***  Me and my non-techie self cannot seem to post videos just yet: :(  When I figure it out, I will post!!

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