Saturday, January 9, 2010

Are you keeping up?

I meant to post this last night, but I am posting today a little incomplete.  I will tell you why in a moment.  This is a combo of the end of Exodus and the beginning of Leviticus.  I must say, I don't know if I have ever actually read through these laws and the description of the construction of the Tabernacle and then the descriptions of all of the types of offerings and rules and reasons for offering, but after reading it, my head is spinning.  For one thing, it goes through the description of the tabernacle when God is telling Moses, then it goes through it again when the Isrealites are building it.  And WOW!  How did they find all those materials?  Like I mentioned in my blog yesterday, God was better than any professional designer in existence.  EVER!  I suppose he knows since he created the universe after-all!  Now, I go back to a sermon our pastor gave.  This is the incomplete part.  I do not have the correct verbiage here.  I tried to find it unsuccessfully so I will do my best to convey my point.  Hopefully it comes across.  The sermon was on religions or more the beliefs of the people in certain religions.  There are those that are more the "rule followers" or they believe that they must "do" things a certain way to be considered followers.  Then there are the "feelers" per say.  The feelers are the ones that believe once they say they believe then they don't have any other responsibility.  As you can see this is one extreme to the other.  The people of this time were so consumed with what to do upon entering the tabernacle or if you can't afford a bull to bring 2 doves or 2 pigeons and what the table should look like, I wonder if that translates poorly in today's society.  If people read that and believe so strongly in their works and outward appearance they may forget what "from the inside out" means.  This is in no way meant to disrespect the gloriousness of what God did and what he envisioned in those people.  It is also not meant to downplay that you should have an appearance on the outside that says, yes, I do good works, but, in Christianity, that is not all there is.  Not in the least.  That being said, I will take out of my reading so far the intricacy of God's word and details of his desire for the people.  I also want to point out, it seems this is a time of him flexing his fatherly muscle.  You must do what he says or there will be consequences.  he would hold fast to that.  It was not an easy time to say the least, but to have God there to lay it out?  How would you feel?

Now, as for my query letter to send to children's book agencies, today is actually Saturday, though most of this was written Friday, as I mentioned.  My query letter will be complete as of today which meets my goal.  I have The Writer's Market for 2010 on its way so I can send that letter to everyone and anyone who will accept it.   Case and point this week:  I set a few small goals and made things manageable and it worked! 

If you can get to Walgreens or CVS this weekend there are some good deals there.  I suggest checking here and scroll to the appropriate store for deals and coupons to print.  I will be hitting them up today at Walgreens and I already got CVS as you saw in my post earlier this week.  Looking very decent at both places!

Do you have any good menu ideas for meatless nights?  I am looking for some menu ideas that I haven't thought of.  Preferrably something that leaves leftovers for Mike's lunch.  I also cannot eat anything spicey.

Homeschooling this week was actually pretty good considering we were back after a pretty long break!  But then again, Madi is such a great student I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised.

Have a great Saturday and stay warm!  It snowed here and is currently sleeting!  We are heading out to a birthday party today!

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