Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 1 and then some...

I have begun my Bible in 90 Days.  Of course this starts in Genesis.  Not that I have not read most parts of the bible in my life, but reading it this way gives another whole meaning and purpose.  It is also in context.  Let me first say, it has never really struck me until this time that it talks about Adam and Eve leaving the garden and then it talks about Seth, Adam's son having children.  Who did he have children with???  Where did other people come from??  Seems like I have never learned this but maybe should have.  I have read about their ages in that time before but it blows me away that they lived 900, plus or minus, years.  It took, what is now and entire human life and then some, to build the ark, and that women were having babies long after we, as humans, would be dead.  I am also in love with the beauty of how God woke up one day and said, "I think I will build a world this week.  That will be my project."  And then He did it.  I just want to clean out my pantry.  Or maybe wash, dry, AND fold the laundry all in one day!  Can we as humans really ever grasp what He did, or will we always read that story like it just is what it is.  Kind of like the story of Jesus' birth and how it is just the story we are told and we regurgitate it like a bedtime story.  First there was emptiness, then, BOOM! There is a universe!  Good night!

I cleaned out my freezer yesterday.  I know it not creating the universe, but it is a start on my daily project, daily accomplishment goal!

Also, got some great meat at Save-a-Lot on BIG sale.  I also got a food saver for Christmas from our friend Ralfie.  He rocks!  That item rocks!!!  Saves room AND food!!!

-Mike bowling with Madison as if she was a pro!!
-A pork roast with apples that I found to be absolutely delicious.
-Rocking Mackenzie in the middle of the night.  She is very sick right now and I just saw how much love I truly have for her in the wee hours of the morning.

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