Monday, January 4, 2010

New Day

I have finished Genesis.  Tomorrow I will begin Exodus.  I am well aware of several extraordinary stories of forgiveness throughout the bible.  We are taught to forgive.  But Joseph's story in Genesis is perhaps my favorite story of forgiveness.  Our pastor also did an great sermon on this a while back.  People today, myself included, are very quick to persecute and even deny people based on a poor decision or mistake and sometimes decisions or mistakes that really had no bearing on them at all.  They are quick to judge someone based on rumor or tales and forever label them as unforgivable offenses since they believe they should be powerful enough to make that decision.  I must admit, I have often taken years to forgive certain things that have been done to me to an unforgivable level myself.  Then we have Joseph.  His brothers sold him.  May I repeat SOLD him and not for very much, may I add.  Then they lied about it saying he was probably dead.  They weren't even sure.  Joseph lived this fate his brothers had condemned him to and had every bit of faith that God had done it to save the people from the famine.  He told his brothers that it was all fine that they had sold him into slavery for next to nothing and tossed him off as dead because he fulfilled a plan of God's.  Can I do that? Could I really forgive something so great?   He was human too.  I can't even use that as an excuse as we often do with Jesus.  On to Exodus!!

I have managed to arrange my freezer and my baking cabinet so far this week.  I love this idea of little tasks.  I feel like I can absolutely accomplish organizing my kitchen by the end of the week.

I will be going to the store most likely tomorrow so I will be getting my coupons at some point to head out.  It is my ultimate goal this month to get my bill down to $40.  I am also looking into group couponing with the hopes of getting an excess to donate to Busses and Backpacks at our church. 

I am still reading books on children's publishing and hope to have sent out my children's books to at least one agent by the end of February.

If you have kiddos who have Leapsters there is a $5 coupon off of games and Toys R Us was doing a BOGO sale.  I don't know if it is still on but $5 off is still great!  Plus Parade Magazine has one in it as well from Sunday's paper.  I will report any great findings I see when I get my coupons for this week!

-Mackenzie waking without a horrifying cough!  Thank God she is on the mend.
-Some more great revelations (kind of funny, that is the last book in the bible) about Genesis.  The Old Testament is so intense so so funny!
-Mike's mom finding long lost family and friends and changing so many things!

You do not have a set brain capacity.  You can put more in there if you want.


  1. Christina, you have inspired me to FINALY start my own journey through the whole bible! Thanks! Keep up the great work and inspiring posts!
    Brian Stevens

  2. YEAH!! Brian I am so excited for you! It is a journey so worth taking!!! Keep me posted on how you are doing. It is like a book club!