Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wow, what a soap opera!

Whew! I am so into this right now, I am into day 4 and it is still day 3. It is already changing my life! I know I have a lot of non-Christian readers, but even non-believers could apprecite reading a little Genesis. I would also like to point out that the person who came up with this bible in 90 days thing, was an atheist when he began!

I cannot tell you what a drama Genesis is when you read it from the beginning!  The family lines and how many wives could be a book on its own!  The stories are ones I have mostly heard, but not fully put into context.  Abraham shed a flood light on what we as modern day, specifically Americans, consider living and consider freedom.  In fact, how inwardly we focus is rather embarassing to me.  Even the best of people I know can't grasp it the way that these people grasped living for God. 

Jacob and Essau was done by my pastor not that long ago, but in its entirity, it is borderline satirical!  It is also quite an intricate tale with lots of twists and turns and seemingly flashbacks.  I couldn't put it down! 

I have noticed a few times I was a bit disturbed by some of the weirdness, but I suppose being the Old Testament, I need to just move on and appreciate what I do not have to deal with.

Is it even possible that we can be so shallow and narrow minded?  As a whole, we have no clue what faith really means.  I can sit and reflect for hours, probably (if I had that long without interruption), on outward actions and behaviors.  On believing that I have no control, no matter how intensly I want it or think I have it, over anything that happens in my life, so why not live it like that.

If you have ever read Genesis and have any feedback or thoughts, I would love to discuss it.  Just curious if anyone is reading this!

-Finding myself understanding the "begats" in the bible!
-Wrapped in a blanket in the garage reading, while Mike was buiding a chicken coupe.
-Yes, we are building a chicken coupe!
-Mackenzie and Madi in the bathtub, playing like friends.

How strong is my foundation?  Can it rock a little and then get stronger?  I feel it happening!

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  1. Everything was created after their own "kind"
    How does this float with evolution? The Case for a Creator by Lee Strobel is a good read to go along with this famous debate.