Thursday, January 7, 2010

What do Moses, pantries, and dinner have in common?

What do Moses, pantries, and dinner have in common?  My day yesterday.  That's what!  I read about Moses some more.  Mainly about their exit from Egypt.  What a bunch of whiney cry babies the Isrealites were after all Moses and Aaron, (I have really become quite partial to Aaron), did.  They were griping and groaning at every difficult twist and turn that they would rather have stayed in Egypt than go through all this to get out.  UgH!!  I would want to slap them!  Hence Moses was chosen to lead the them out of Egypt and not me.  Now, I know the 10 commandments.  But after reading them in full context, and being a full blown adult, I think everyone should read these frequently.  I forget the details of the commandments so easily.  There are so many times I search myself for things I need to fix and work on and pray about, yet all I need to do is look at the commandments I break.  Something as simple as looking at something that belongs to my friend and wishing I had it.  Oh, their house is so pretty and perfect.  I wish mine looked like that.  Get it?  I read through all the laws God laid down for the Isrealites at Mount Sanai and was feeling a little overwhelmed and full of questions.  I do not understand how this part of the bible applies to my life as one of the laws was to give my first born to God.  I am pretty sure that does not apply to me.  I don't think Madi would be happy about that!  Maybe someone could shed some light to those of us who read those laws and put it into today's context. How do we take those laws now?  I know there is a new way of Christian life after the New Testament.  Hmmm.  Thoughts?  I get messages on Facebook and email too but you can leave comments right here on the blog for others to read.  I also feel like God had a great talent for envisioning interrior design work!  I mean the details that were given to Moses on the Tabernacle and  everything in or related to it were out of this world!  He asked them to make things in pure gold or out of specific wood  or what the heck does and almond flower look like?  The curtains had to be a certain color and tied together with goat hairs and there needed to be eleven and, well, I think you get the point, though I have barely scratched the surface of the level of details he gave!  I will be closing out Exodus today.

Are you wondering if I fulfilled my account of doing the pantry?  Well, I will keep you in suspense no longer!  I did it!  I organized my pantry yesterday!  It felt so good to clean out and redo.  Now, I just need to get to the junk drawers, which seem to be every drawer, and the other cabinets.  Do I say I am going to finish all that this week?  I think I will give that until next week.

I made 2 dinners yesterday as Mike's family all came over.  I made a pot roast with all the veggies and a whole chicken stuffed with onions and rice.  I also got to get rid of some fudge.  We had fudge, pudding, strawberries and chocolate for dessert.  It was our anniversary dinner with them.  I also had baby Paige yesterday who is starting to walk!!!!  BLOW MY MIND, why don't you!  She far surpasses Mackenzie's physical abilities.  Those babies are going to be 1 in 23 days!!!  Oh, where did it go?

Madison is back to home school schedule and is having some good fun.  We are doing Skippyjon right now.  We are also working on more cooking activities and learning about shopping and coupons!  Start her nice and early on saving money!

A good friend of mine is beginning a year of saving money and asked me to give a breakdown of how I do coupons.  I spent a good amount of time sending this out, so I thought I would do a post on it.  I will post this later on in a separate blog.  If you are interested to see what I do, you can read that.

****If you use Johnson and Johson Soap Buddies (or just want some free soap for kid's bathroom, Sunday's paper had a $1 off coupon and they are .99 at Target and I have heard even cheaper at Walmart.  In some places this means an overage!****

I only have until Saturday to finish my query letter for my kid's books to fulfill what I said I would.  Once thatt query letter is written, all it needs is an address!  Big steps for me!

If you missed grocery trips this week, see my previous posts!

Girls entertaining themselves with pots and pans!  Who needs toys anyway?
Geoffrey threw up in my living room!

-Finishing the pantry
-Madison playing outside in the ice yesterday.  (crunchies!)
-family dinner turning out delicious
-leftovers from family dinner!
-finding room to stash stockpiled food!!!!

I am making room in my life life I am making room in my house.  Cleaning out the bad stuuf to find room for all the great stuff!


  1. Things I learned: We all need a time of rest, relaxation, renewal, and refreshing in our lives.Jesus went once to sacrifice for all, he did it right so we won't have to keep doing it over and over.Skill without good judgment will not take us very far.If you want to succeed in life or at ministry, we need to have spiritual gifts, natural talent and wisdom. Seek God for the wisdom, he will give it to you,to help you complete what he has called you to do.

  2. How to get stirred up for God:
    1. Stay around people who are excited about the things God is doing around them
    2. Take action about the negative way you feel instead of wishing things were differnent. Stop feeling sorry for yourselfs (Israelites). You can be pitiful or powerful!
    3. AVOID passivity, procrastination, and laziness. Do what you need to do and do it with all your might (Ecclesiastes 9:10).
    4. Stay on fire for God. Romans 12:1-11 My favorite verses :)