Friday, January 15, 2010

Deuteronomy and the beginning of the end of Moses

Sorry to bombard with 3 posts in 1 day, but I had to play blog catch up with Numbers.  Now on with Deuteronomy.  I am seeing the recurring theme of 40 days and nights and we know this continues in the New Testament as well with Jesus.  I am looking for anyone's interpretations of the number 40 and 7.  I have heard sermons on these numbers before, but would like to hear what others think.  There is a lot about cleansed after 7 days, cancel debt after 7 years, free your servants after 7 years, the feast of weeks happens 7 weeks from when you put the sickle in the grain (just to name a few).  Now, here in Deuteronomy, I have learned that after the first tablet that was given to Moses on the mountain with the 10 commandments Moses shattered, he was given another tablet.  I don't think I have heard that before.  This is intriguing.  I have also read the mention of acacia wood when referring to the tabernacle and it is made mention here again.  I am curious what this is.  I have never heard of it.  God's promise is made so clear to these people for the 40 years it has taken them to follow him, yet there is so much rebellion and doubt.  How hard it must have been to follow through all of the war and turmoil they faced, yet God continued to deliver on his promise repeatedly giving them proof.  Most of Deuteronomy give the lead up of Moses and his leadership of the people.  It gives the preparation of the fulfillment of the promised land and what the people need to do in the coming times.  The laws are set out for them.  It also begins to set up the leadership of Joshua and life after Moses.  The taking of this land is the ultimate end to the promise and essentially Moses's life.  A time in the bible worthy of shedding some tears quite genuinely in remembrance for what he had done and where he was going.  Moses and Aaron both died before getting to inherit the land because as God says they broke covenant with him a the waters of Mirabah Kadesh.  Wow!  Puts our current humanity into perspective doesn't it?  A man as worthy as Moses or Aaron!!  I have become very attached to Moses.  Isreal's rebellion is predicted leading to God's face no longer being seen by the people and no leader to come that would ever quite equal Moses.

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