Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bible in 90 Days update...naivity!! And a trip to BJ's!

 I have a few things to say today.  One of which is about Samson and Delilah and the like.  Another is about my trip to BJ's wholesale and what I think of wholesale shopping.  I want to give you some moments I have and last I want to share something about some of my very true, honest and trustworthy friends.

I am continuing in Judges.  For some reason there is a lot to say here.  The next noteworthy thin gI found was Samson.  Oh, dear Samson.  I must first say, God must have a great sense of humor.  He liked to do the, "You are sterile and childless...but you are going to bear a child" thing a lot!  Can you imagine us, who believe we plan out everything, know what we are going to do all the time (or at least think we do), all of a sudden becoming pregnant after knowing we would NEVER, NEVER be  able to have children?  HA!  But, God did it several times!  Isaac, Samuel, John the Baptist, even Jesus, though not necessarily to a sterile woman.  So, here comes Samson.  He is overcome with power from God to rip a lion apart.  So overcome, in fact, he keeps this a secret.  Until he puts it up in the form of a riddle to the groomsmen at his wedding the the Philistine woman he fell for.  He comes across this Lion again and sees bees have made a hive full of honey.  He uses this for the riddle.  They threaten his bride to get him to tell the answer so they can get the linen garments he has promised.  For 3 nights he gives a false answer to her...why he continued to answer her I do not know...because she finally coaxes it out of him on the fourth night he reveals it.  Samson's rage continues.  His strength is like a bull in a China shop.  He has it out for the Philistines!!  Then he goes and gets duped by Delilah when she tries to get him to reveal the secret to his strength, being that he cannot ever put a razor to his head.  Why, again, he continued to give her an answer and why she continued to believe him, I again, do not know, but that was the plan from God and when it was all carried out, he ended up getting his head shaved and his eyes gouged out by some very angry Philistines!!  That is what I call a bad day! 

I will stop there for now, thought still in Judges.

I went to BJ's wholesale warehouse yesterday.  My trial membership is expiring and I wanted to actually try it out.  I had a bunch of their coupons and I had a bunch of mine.  It ended up being a really good trip as I paid less for everything than I would have at the grocery store...HOWEVER, it is only because I had a lot of extra coupons, otherwise it would work out to be the same or even worse.  So, my original bill was $146 and I whittled it down to $83 (including part of a gift card and about $35 in coupons).  That being said, I will not be needing to buy a lot of that stuff anytime in the near future.  I can see how that place can be ok if you have enough coupons.  For instance, they stack manufacturer's with store, so I bought a giant box of Cheerios with 2 boxes inside.  I was able to use their store coupon for that box and 2 manufacturer's coupons because there were 2 boxes.  That worked out for most of what I bought.  You have to have the multiples to make this work out.

I made our entire food budget for the month and wrote it on our cash envelope system and now I need to work Mackenzie's birthday party into that budget, so wish me luck!!!  I need some seriously good shopping trips this month!

Today is Mackenzie's first birthday!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BABY!!!!!! 

-Paige and Mackenzie hugging at Paige's party!!!  So sweet!!! 
-Waking up to Mackenzie on her 1st birthday...having a hard time with this one:(
-We have completed our first month's zero budget (very detailed might I add) and are onto week 5 of Dave Ramsey with a positive result so far!!!
-Realized a few moments ago that Mike is off tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just want to point out one last thing.  I have some really, really good, true honest friends.  Those I am referring to, love people for who they are and are slow to judge others without judging themselves.  I am challenging myself to remember those friends when I see others and before I go by hearsay, I want to give myself the opportunity to know them...without ANYONE else's judgement to make clouds...Thank you very much for being that kind of example to me!  We are not meant to talk about each other because there is plenty to say about ourselves.  We should be fact informed before we talk.  Like my grandmother used to say, "If you don't have anything nice to say, then keep your trap shut!"

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  1. Hey girl! I keep up with your blogs but just became "follower" I love reading them and just wanted you to know that. I learn more and more every time I log on. I love you!!