Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! Where are you heading?

It is the time of the year for reflecting and then moving forward.  Reflecting.  Check.  Moving forward.  In progress.

The calm before the storm

I have never been one for making New Year's Resolutions.  I am still not.  I am one for evaluating what I have accomplished in the past, learning from it, and DECIDING (since I know I can can do that) what I will do with what I have learned.  My faith in God tells me that I do not need to worry that I will end the year better than I was when I started it.  The evaluation of what is better is up for human interpretation but sometimes when things are worse, you are actually better!  Sooooooooo, I have evaluated that I am still poor in the area of organization but have made some huge strides in that area since beginning a full home school year and having a second child.  I am also lacking in the area of focus which would be very helpful in organizing things.  I decided I am going to list only a few small projects each week to accomplish.

The first week of January, I am doing my pantry and kitchen cabinets to prepare for the stocking up of more food I am doing.  I am also planning the coming 4 weeks of lesson plans for Madi.  I will also be writing my blog more often as I am going to blog about Dave Ramsey and my weekly projects.  The biggest challenge I am embarking in is a "Read the Bible in 90 Days" journey.  You can join me and read my blogs about it.  It would be great to open up some lines of discussion!   I am asking anyone who reads this blog to hold me accountable for what I tell you I am doing.  Feel free to do some projects along with me and lets chat about them!

Our New Year's was pretty low key.  Madi, Mackenzie and I went to visit grandma and Pop-Pop for dinner on New Year's  Eve.  She was supposed to have a sleep over.  Didn't quite work out.  Madi still loves us too much to stay away!  My parent were so sweet in planning a fun dinner and New Year's party for just us Sawyer girls complete with a rubber ball drop!  Love my parents!  Mike's sister got engaged was was great news in our family.  I was on the couch at midnight with ice cream while Mike was at work on the phone with me.  Not that exciting, but he came home at 2 and we stayed awake for a while to ring in the New Year together.  We have great plans for this year and we are looking forward in such a great way to the things we were meant to do with ourselves.  Nothing like feeling like we are on a great path!

I would love to know what some of your ideas and goals are about the coming year.  I do not really refer to them as resolutions as growth is a constant process.  It just so happens, we review ourselves best at the changing of the calendar!

Is it possible that my kitchen was actually UNDERNEATH the Christmas mess??

-Madison still loving to be with mommy and at home so much.
-Mackenzie grasping Mike's shirt saying, "Bye-Bye" and pointing to me.  She loves her Daddy!
-Mike coming home to ring in the New Year and staying up late with me so we could act like we were young!  (Paying for it now!!)
-Fireworks with my parents and my girls for a very special New Year's party planned out very well by a loving and perfect grandma and pop-pop.

Where is it that I want to go this year??  Only God knows, but it is going to make me better no matter where it is!


  1. Christina - love reading your posts! You are such a wonderful person! Love you. - Annette

  2. Thanks Annette!! I am loving doing them I hope people will play along with me in some of these things!!