Monday, January 11, 2010

Finished Leviticus and Advanced Level Couponing!!

I have finished Leviticus and and onto Numbers.  Leviticus is hard for me to say a lot about.  The laws of God continue.  I, again, want to take a note of the fact that we do not follow these in Christianity, but I am still unsure how or when we no longer looked in the Old Testament for how to live our lives.  I know the New Testament is when but I don't know the details.  Moses and Aaron's dedication to following through with everything God was directing them to do is mind blowing.  The number of years and the level of commitment of themselves and their families and their people was  one we do not see.  Upon the forming of an army, its like the forming of God's army.  The power behind the faith of these people...that's all I can say about that.  I am truly amazed at the complexity of the tribal camps that God created using the Levites and the Isrealites.  Each family or tribe having its specific location for camp.  Also, at first, when I read the Levites only responsibility was moving the tabernacle until I realized what this entailed.  The intricacies that I mentioned before in the construction of the tabernacle are prevalent now as it is like building and rebuilding something that, in my opinion, should be a permanent structure.  Then again, who am I to think that?!  I concluded, I did not want the job of the Levites!  I will begin my post on Numbers most likely tonight or tomorrow morning.

Now for CVS!!!  I spoke earlier this week about my trip of spending $19 and getting $18 back on cereal, crackers, some soap and other necessary items.  Well, I tok advantage of this months BIG TIME hot deals coupled with some valuable coupons and pulled another great trip out.  I needed some snacks and drinks last minute yesterday so I took my $18 in extra care bucks and for my chips and drinks AND some more cereal, 4 things of Oust, 2 sets of lightbulbs, pantene shampoo and conditioner and a few other items slipping my mind at the moment.  When I got to the counter, I pulled out my coupons and told the cashier I wanted to do this in multiple transactions and he smiled.  I said, "you must love people like me!"  And he replied, "Absolutely!  This is some seriously advanced couponing!  I love it!"  Yea!!!  That mad me laugh!  It turns out, most of those items were giving me ECB's back so breaking that up into 3 transactions and using the ECB's I had and the ones that were coming to me, I spent less than $9 out of pocket and came home with $4 ECB's!  I plan on going back for more cereal! Publix has some great stuff going on.  Check it out.  Easy to print most of it too.  Plus, there are some free rental codes for Blockbuster and Red box.  I have done these and it is worth it.  Also, if you have pictures you need to print there is a good snapfish deal to check out.  Don't forget to click on CVS at the top of the page to get hold of this months hot hot hot delas for building up your stash of Extra Care Bucks (ecb's).  Plus, if you have never done the "cvs-ing" there is a place to click so you can learn the advanced tricks too!

We are completing our reading homework for Dave Ramsey.  It is amazing how together we feel about the coming months of working out our savings and spending.  Being on the same page and really enjoying the commitment. 

Oh and one of our beloved birthday chickens has passed on!!!  Never even got to live in the new chicken coupe!!  

Keep the questions coming.  I am really enjoying your thoughts!!

Michaelangelo got a new house!

Madi fell on her face and busted her lip!BIG bloody mess!  AND her nose was double in size!

Home school project with straws!!

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