Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Patience and perseverance...and some great grocery deals!

Today was our anniversary!  We went out to eat last night with some generous gift cards from Mike's parents.  As my husband sat across the table, I thought back several years and am continually baffled by how much more I can love someone than I did when I thought I loved him the most! Happy Anniversary baby!

On to Moses.  Wow!  A vast hurricane swirls in my mind about Moses.  I know who he is.  I know YOU know who he is.  But in full context, this man (and I must say Aaron too, as he gets swept over in most cases) has patience like no human has ever exhibited.  Aaron stood right along side Moses as God sent them in and out of Pharaoh's presence with the same result.  That being said, can I just point out Pharaoh for a second.  Um, blood in the Nile, hail, locusts?  What does it take to get someone's attention?  He is the symbolism for the blind and stubborn humans that we can be.  Have you ever felt like God was telling you to do something and you continued to ignore him and were continually pounded with the same issues over and over?  If Pharaoh would have listened and done as he was being asked to do, think about what the Egyptians would have been saved from.  A true control freak! Man, are we a stubborn people.  Moses questioned God.  He did as he was asked, but there were moments that he was unsure.  We are all unsure.  There are so many things I am unsure of.  I don't think I will part the Red Sea or anything, but I can certainly persevere my doubts and questions to do the right thing.  What a reward!

I did manage to get coupons printed and went shopping.  There are some amazing things going on at CVS right now.  I spent $19 there and got $18 in extra care bucks back!  I could have done some separate orders and spent less out of pocket, but I go there often enough that I will just use the ECB's next time on some other great deals.  Go here  and scroll down to CVS deals to get coupons and deal scenarios!  Sooooooooo worth a trip!  There are some decent deals at Publix, but I got some good meat deals, though not worth it if that is all you are getting.  Check out here for Publix deals linked up with coupons.  These deals are probably changing tomorrow.  Don't forget that Publix accepts manufacturer's coupons and competitor's coupons stacked.  Plus they price match! 

I did not do a pantry today.  I think I am procrastinating.  I am definitely doing it tomorrow while babysitting Baby Paige.  Hold me to it, okay?

I will have a query letter this week to send out to agencies for my children's books.  You can hold me to that as well.

Lots going on in my brain.  I have had a few people message me to say they were reading the bible along with me!  I would love to hear from you!

-A beautiful night out thanks to our friend Annette who graciously babysat! 
-YEAH!  Big people time! 
-Boooo, kids still wake up early!
-Mike and Madi asleep together on the couch while Hannity plays in the background.  Mike Mitchell would be proud!

Organization.  Exercise-physical and mental.  Ideas.  Creativity.  It is all my responsibility.  I have the ability to do something great!


  1. Thanks for stopping by. Seems we have a lot in common. We are a homeschooling family too!!

  2. Aaron, a man who stood in the shadow of Moses. the 1st example we have of our soon to come great high priest. What must it take to support a leader like Aaron did, yet torn by the sin of people. I love the story of Moses but also the story of Aaron. So glad you pointed him out in your reading!~tandy